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Hi, I’m Kristina and this summer I went on a mission trip with Teen Mania Ministries to Panama. Last summer I went on my first mission trip to Kenya, Africa. It has really impacted my life and helped me come closer to God. When God was working through me last summer, He gave me a greater heart for missions. This summer I believe that He will work through you and me to bring the people of Panama the Gospel. Being used by God is a daily thing by carrying out the “Great Commission” to different lands, which is an amazing experience.

This summer I went to Panama, ministering in the Darien Jungle. I went with a group of people ministering to the people of Panama through personal evangelism, tribal ministry, and discipleship. We traveled on foot, by bus, and by canoe, taking the Gospel to untouched rainforests, desolate hearts, and barren lands. We had the opportunity to take the Gospel to many that have never heard it before, and watch the power of God change the lives of many people. This summer I God worked through me to reveal to the people of Panama the Truth of a Loving God and to be an example of what real love is. Knowing that God is head of this all, readies me to wait and expect to be used mightily to change the destiny of people’s lives.

The people of Panama are searching for something to fill that gap in their heart and we have what they need. They need the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. This summer God used the people of prayer to touch the lives of the Panamanian people. Through prayer you are affecting someone’s life and changing the history of a country. Continue to pray for God to move in their lives and open their hearts, helping them see there is someone out there who has a real love for them and asks them to give their hearts to the one God who is always there for us. It’s not in our reach of knowing how we have affected their life, but because of your faithfulness, help, and support their destiny will change because God used you.

Thank you from my heart and from those in Panama.