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My heart lies on the dessert plains of Africa. My heart lies in Mexico City with the peasants who dig through trash to find a small morsel of food in the morning. My heart lies in Romania with Gypsies and street kids and beggars. My heart is in India with the Hindu people and the Muslim people. My heartbeat is God's heartbeat, which is, "People. People. People. People."

God hurts for people. He left the place two thousand years ago, so it's our responsibility now - we have to get the Word out. When He left, His last words were, "Go then and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to follow all the things I have commanded you." That's my heart beat. I can feel the burn in my heart every moment of the day, the pain of people dying without hearing the wonderful name of Jesus, or hearing His salvation, or His love. That's right, God loves people!! All of them, no matter who they are or what they've done, He wants them in heaven and He had His Son die on a cross in front of everybody so that we can be with him.

India ‘04 - the most densely packed Hindu Country in the entire world - God is going to move there. India is being prepared for God. The hearts of the people are softening to God! God has given me the opportunity to India this summer God is ready to move in the hearts of the people in India this summer, this is the summer when hundreds of people will come to know Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior!

Romania '03 - in the Summer of 2003 God gave me the opportunity to Go to Romania For two months. Romania is an interesting country for the fact that it is Greek Orthodox, so everyone already knows the story of Jesus, but what they don’t know is that He wants a Relationship with them, and they are never told that God has a passionate love for them, all they know is that they have to keep the priest happy or they "won’t get to heaven" it was amazing to watch peoples eyes light up as we told them of God’s great love and of the fact that he not only died for them but that he wanted a friendship with them, the he was the way into heaven and no priest could tell them that unless they kept him happy they wouldn’t get in. I remember the look on the faces of this old couple, and yes I do mean old, they’d been married for 74 years! We talked to them for probably half an hour, and the first 20 minutes was all encouragement, telling them that God is real and that he wants a relationship with them. Then they decided that they wanted to pray with us and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The thing that hit me hardest was what happened after that. She looked at him and said this, "I hated you! You committed adultery many times and I hated you more every time, but I know that Jesus has just forgiven you, and I forgive you also." At that, my jaw hit the floor. God is awesome! Not only did we see God wipe more than 80 years of sin away in a single instant, but we watched a hate from years ago be forgiven!

People - Lisa, Mark, the Wheelers, Tammie, Deborah, Josh McKendrick, Rob Brown, just to name a few. You people have been there for me and continue to blow my mind, challenge me, and push me. Thanks for being there when I needed you and for pushing me to have a heart for people! God has truly used you all amazingly.

My heart - My heart is on the desert plains of Africa. My heart is in the streets of Mexico City with the peasants who dig through trash every day for a morsel of food. My heartbeat is, "People. People. People."