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This summer I went Chiang Rai, Thailand. Chiang Rai is between the borders of Murma and Laos. We ministered to refugees from both of these countries. These refugees are mainly children who have fled from the fighting of these countries. We went to different villages doing crusades; and we ministered in small group fellowships, villages, cities and other places. I went with One World Missions.

“How can we not look at them with the love with which Jesus looks at us?”

There are many lost people in Thailand who have served false gods far too long. They are dying without the love of a Savior or the hope of salvation. There are children who know nothing except extreme poverty with no hope for anything else in life. They have no Savior, no life, no purpose, often no food, no hope. They are often without adequate housing or education. How can we not look at them with the love with which Jesus looks at us? How can we just ignore their cries for somthing more - something real in life? I cannot.

I have to do something. I have to spread the love that Jesus gives me. I have to tell them that they can have hope in the future because of a Savior Who longs to love them.