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I'm back! I had an awesome trip to Peru with the Josiah Jungle Ministries! This was my fourth trip to Peru, but it was different than the others. There were new people on the boat and we had a larger drama team. I mainly ministered through dramas and skits. I also helped with the children's teachings.

Our drama team and one of the adults traveled up river from the Josiah in a speedboat to minister to another village. While we were there, we stayed the night in an open wood and grass hut - it was one of the nicer huts in the village. We were grateful for their hospitality, but I've also learned to be thankful for indoor plumbing and paper products (enough said)!

I had a blast and the ministry was awesome. Not only has God ministered to the people through me, but He has ministered to me. I hope that God will send me back again next year. I am really drawn to Peru and the people. I want to see their lives changed and I am thankful that God let me help. Please be praying for God to continue working in the lives of these people.